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About Us

Safe and sure projects were formed by srihari with a group of industrial experts who believe in innovative ideas and are flexible in adapting to the new varied and challenging requirements.

We, the safe and sure People, strongly backed by a creative mission, are continuously being inspired with a strong desire to provide quality and reliable services to the clients.

About Team

An experienced designer in the field of automation, passionate in exploring the incessant possibilities the automation can offer.

He not only defines the company strategy, but also plays a key role in the creative aspects of its services. His extensive experience ranges from designing to customer service to team management and has worked with Bevconwayors (

He is instrumental in Bevcon’s development towards automation and completed challenging projects. He always talk about his inspiration from Bevcon management consists of Mr.suneel, M.D., Bevcon wayors and Mr.YSR who guided him towards taking entrepreneurship.