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Design Validation Systems

Safe and Sure Design Validation Services works on providing high end predictive engineering solutions to all customers. This group provides complete simulation support in every aspect of product development. The team comprises of experienced professionals from across domains/industry verticals.

With demonstrable experience in design validation and product validation through simulation, the group has world class competencies building physics-based models to study the root cause of failures, and come up with design solutions to prevent recurrence.

Safe and Sure offers a complete range of independent verification and validation services. The team follows a model used as per the project requirement (e.g. Prototype, Spiral, Iterative, V Model, Agile) and participates in all phases of a project, such as formal technical reviews, audits, carrying out different levels of testing like White box, Black box and System testing.

Test automation solutions are regularly built and deployed by our team to help in executing tests in an automated manner and to considerably reduces test execution cycle-time. Developed test solutions are independently reviewed and assessed by the verification and validation team to ensure that the project requirements can be correctly tested. Test solutions are deployed in the project only after the assessment procedure.