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Solar Pumps

Input Specifications : 48V DC 900W (from PV Panel)

MPPT Point : 68V DC (adj.)

Output Specifications : 28V DC (adj.) 30A (CVCC)

To charge 24V Battery ( Max.200AH Capacity)

  • Upto 30% more energy conversion efficiency as compared to ON/OFF and PWM type.
  • Reduction in wire thickness and hence cabling cost.
  • Battery Overcharge Protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection : Battery, PV and Load.
  • Load Protection : Overload,Short Circuit
  • Prevents Reverse battery current into PV panel at night.
  • Multiple layers of conformal coating for environmental protection.
  • Compact size compared to other MPPT chargers.
  • LED indicators and Remote Alarm annunciators provision.


Solar off Grid Inverter Rating

500W to 100kW

Overview With electricity getting expensive and other power sources disappearing due to over use, solar power proves to be the right option that can provide electricity for household as well as commercial premises purposes without worrying about the increased electricity bill. With solar off grid Inverter you can achieve this and be your own electricity provider.

This machine makes the use of sunlight with which the batteries can generate and store electricity for later uses. A Solar off Grid Inverter can convert Direct Current (DC) energy from the batteries to Alternating Current (AC) which can power the electric appliances. Enertech India one of the leading mppt solar inverter manufacturers offers solar off grid inverters to provide conditioned AC power to its customers. The built in MPPT based designed solar charge controller helps in regularising the power flow.

The Solar PCU (power conditioning Unit) is the heart of any solar power system and its main function is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Enertech bi directional solar inverters/pcu offer solar charger which has a PF of more than 0.9. Manufactured as per ISO guidelines, these solutions come with protection against overload, short circuit and reverse grid for the inverter.

Many MPPT solar inverter manufacturers in Mumbai and Pune, have been offering the solar off grid inverters which are in great demand with the increasing scarcity of electricity. Enertech offers bi directional solar inverters/pcu options for battery charging with unique topology of solar charging having priority only in case of battery discharged to a predetermined level. This feature is provided to utilize solar energy and minimize electricity bills. Our solar off grid inverter machines come with an auto DUSK ON facility to utilize maximum energy from solar panel. They have more than 90% efficiency, are easy to install and prove cost effective solutions for catering to increased power needs. Solar off grid inverter comes with single phase and three phase. MPPT solar inverter manufacturers offer single phase solar inverter that comes in the range of 500 watts to 20 kilowatts and three phase solar inverter come in range of 10 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts.



  • Reverse Power flow Protection
  • Phase failure protection
  • Phase sequence error protection
  • Low / High frequency protection
  • Low Power Factor (PF) alarm
  • Low / High voltage protection
  • Voltage unbalance protection
  • Over current protection
  • Overload protection

    Measurement & Control

  • Maximum Demand Control
  • Load shedding control
  • Fail safe operation of relays
  • Simultaneous measurement of water / gas consumption
  • Meter and transducer with analogue 4-20mA outputs
  • Motor and pump efficiency monitoring
  • Standalone remote measurement and control IED with GPRS communication.

Energy Management

Nowadays, the majority of energy consumers and electric utilities need a total energy management system complete with all the necessary tools to monitor and manage the entire power system under one virtual roof. The most wanted components of such an energy management system are: data monitoring and analysis, billing service, power quality monitoring and analysis, and demand response.

SATEC's energy management solution is the eXpertpower™ web service. This web-enabled analysis and data management system has revolutionized the field of energy management by providing a cost-effective solution which allows users to access comprehensive on-line data in real time.

eXpertpower™ requires no heavy up-front capital investment, no downloads or updates, no maintenance or hardware issues and no employee training or software implementation. We do all that for you. This means significant savings of both time and money.

eXpertpower™ is a revolutionary approach to total power management that utilizes sophisticated yet user-friendly software adhering to the growing Application Service Provider (ASP) model. It collects, archives and analyzes power system data automatically while allowing multiple users to view this data in reports, tables, graphs, waveforms, or charts. The eXpertpower™ service supports the entire product line of

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